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Логан Лерман объясняет преждевременное заявление о Человеке-пауке (eng)

Nothing quells comic book film casting rumors quite like a torrent of internet articles. Back on February 4th Logan Lerman, star of the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians, made this statement to Access Hollywood regarding his involvement with the re-booted Spider-Man movie:

“It’s just, you know, conversations are starting. It’s a long process with the studio and the producers and everything. But it’s definitely a project that I’m really interested in, of course. I’d love to focus on the human element a little bit more. It’d be such a fun experience.”

This little tidbit spread across the web like a wildfire. Within hours

The Hollywood Reporter released statements from both Columbia Pictures and Lerman’s reps:

” ‘While a wide net is being cast,’ according to a studio spokesman, ‘No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.’ The actor’s camp also confirms no business discussions are being held at this time.”

Today, SciFi Wire revealed another statement from Lerman regarding the Spider-Man casting rumor he started; this time the actor seems to be in backpedal mode:

“I mean, the truth is that was kind of exaggerated,” Lerman said via phone. “I’m just interested in it. Honestly, all I can say about that is it’s a role that any young actor out there is dying to play. I’m just hoping to be considered for it.”

“I really can’t talk about it,” he continued. “Honestly, I’d rather just not talk about it. It’s something that gets so twisted around.”

Regardless where you stand on this debacle, it’s pretty obvious that Lerman’s first statement, which was made before Marc Webb was officially attached to direct the film, struck an ill chord with the studio and fans alike; as does all casting misinformation. Hopefully the studio decides to release casting news before fans start loosing interest in the direction of the franchise.

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