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В городе новый симпатяга: Перси Джексон (eng)

Fast rising actor Logan Lerman plays the titular role in the upcoming mythological adventure in “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” where he plays an unlikely hero whose dyslexia wired him to overcome the quest to prove his innocence.

In the movie, Percy Jackson has a lot to contend with. At first this unlikely hero seems ill equipped to deal with the daunting challenges that lay ahead, including minotaurs and wrathful Greek gods. Percy has inherited special powers that gradually become apparent. He is in fact the son of a mortal and the great God Poseidon, in other words, he is a demi-god. When the powerful lightning rod belonging to Zeus goes missing and Percy seems to be the obvious suspect, his life changes irreversibly and he embarks on an extraordinary quest.

Logan Lerman had an auspicious start to his career in “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson. Since then he has appeared in “What Women Want,” “Riding In Cars With Boys,” “The Butterfly Effect,” “Hoot” and “The Number 23.” He also received great reviews for his role in “3:10 to YUMA.”

With his palpable charm and talent, Lerman is definitely the face to watch out for in Hollywood’s up and coming actors.

Q: How much did you know about Greek mythology prior to starting work on the film?
A: “My knowledge before signing onto the project was limited to what I had studied in school. But once I found out that I was doing the movie, I started reading all the Greek myths and learning about all the gods and who they are, and their relationships with one another. Percy’s supposed to have this inherited knowledge, somehow he knows everything about their history and I wanted to make sure that came across on screen.” Q: How did you get the part?
A: “It was the easiest thing for me and I don’t know why. I literally just walked into the room one day and met Chris, and I guess I heard that he said he could not do it with anyone else, he wanted me. I just had to do a test, I was so lucky. I went straight into training and the way it all happened made me kind of oblivious to the fact that it was such a big movie — until I saw the sets. At first it was overwhelming, but you ride on the intensity and the adrenaline of the scenes and get into it.”

Q: Did any of the veteran actors give you any advice?
A: “Pierce told me, ‘Man, it’s going to get crazy for you. Be prepared. Stay true to yourself.’ I guess the attention could get a little nuts but I haven’t really noticed it that much yet, so it’s fine.”

Q: What kind of boy is Percy?
A: “In the beginning you find out he’s just like any kid with a learning disability, he has dyslexia. He’s had to overcome those difficulties his whole life and you find out that this disability actually works to his advantage as a demi-god. The film really has a universal theme, because everybody goes through this kind of journey of trying to find out who they are. That’s really the underlying theme of the whole film along with a lot of action, adventure, and Greek mythology.”

Q: There is a lot of talk about you becoming a heartthrob, how do you feel about that?
A: “Well it comes with the territory and if that kind of attention comes from being a part of a good film, then I’m totally ready for it. But I want to keep my distance from that really, because I want longevity in my career.”

Q: Why did you want to act in the first place, you have already made some great films?
A: “I started to act when I was younger, because I wanted to do something creative and I wanted get out of school. I was a little kid who just wanted to get out and have fun. Living in LA, acting is accessible and it seemed easy to try it out and give it a shot. Somehow, when I was really young I convinced my parents to try and it ended up taking me here.”

“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” opens Feb. 12 in theaters nationwide in the Phils. from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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